Robots Using ROS: STAIR 1, Aldebaran Nao, i-Sobot, and Stanford Racing's Junior


The ROS community has grown quickly over the past year, greatly increasing the number and variety of robots integrated with ROS. Over on, there's a blog series highlighting some of these robots, as well as the open source ROS Repositories behind them.

The first four installments include:

  • STAIR 1: the Stanford University mobile manipulation research platform that provided the predecessor of the ROS framework.
  • Aldebaran Nao: a small, commercially available humanoid robot that demonstrated the ability of the ROS community (Brown University and University of Freiburg) to come together and develop open source drivers.
  • i-Sobot: an even smaller humanoid robot controlled by the ROS PS3 joystick driver. The developer has been publishing a Japanese-language blog on ROS, helping ROS reach new audiences.
  • Junior: Stanford Racing's autonomous car that finished a close second in the DARPA Urban Challenge. Junior's main software framework is IPC, but ROS's modular libraries have made it easy to integrate ROS-based perception libraries into their obstacle classification system.

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